Tesla to Blenheim

Please can anyone tell me how I can get a Tesla to the Blenheim A&P Park on Saturday 22nd April for the "Marlborough Earth Day Party". We will have Leafs and a BMWi3 to demonstrate to the public at the event but we really need a Tesla. Are there any generous owners out there who would come aloing to exhibit their car and talk about what it is like to own. We can cover your charging costs for the travel to and from. Peter Deacon 021 210 7769

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Hi Peter,
All of the #LeadingTheCharge team are on the annual road trip during April. And on the 22nd we will be in Christchurch. We don't get to Blenheim until the 27th.
There may be another Tesla owner in the South Island who is not meeting the road trip. We shall see if they come out of the wood work.

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