Are life long emissions from an electric car higher than from a petrol car?

Hi there. I was just about to go and buy a Nissan Leaf when someone sent me the links to two studies that claim to show that the life long emissions from an electric car are higher than the life long emissions from a petrol car - so I put my plans on hold. I'd love to know if someone has looked into this issue. Here are the links to the two studies - and (in this link there is a reference to a study by the National Academies). Thanks very much Caroline

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Hi Caroline,
This is one of many stories that try to destroy the fact that EV's are good for the planet. The petrol companies produce some and other oil pundents chip in from time to time.

There are just as many stories that refute this and some specifically pointing back to this claim.

And over the life cycle of the car including production

Google can find articles for all sorts of things.

I hope this helps.


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    Thanks very much for your response. It’s very helpful. Worrying that these stories are doing the rounds. Now onto buying an electric car!
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