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Do you have historic data of the installation of EV chargers?

It would be great for future planning to not just know present snapshot, but when they were installed.

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Hi, great site thanks!

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Are life long emissions from an electric car higher than from a petrol car?

Hi there. I was just about to go and buy a Nissan Leaf when someone sent me the links to two studies that claim to show that the life long emissions from an electric car are higher than the life long emissions from a petrol car - so I put my plans on hold. I'd love to know if someone has looked into this issue. Here are the links to the two studies - and (in this link there is a reference to a study by the National Academies). Thanks very much Caroline

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Hi Caroline,
This is one of many stories that try to destroy the fact that EV's are good for the planet. The petrol companies produce some and other oil pundents chip in from time to time.

There are just as many stories that refute this and some specifically pointing back to this claim.

And over the life cycle of the car including production

Google can find articles for all sorts of things.

I hope this helps.


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Are there any willing EV owners who would like to complete a survey as part of my studies?

Hi there, I am currently conducting EV research as part of my environmental studies, and I'm hoping to find EV owners from this site who are willing to complete a survey. The survey is not too onerous :). The survey will be ready for distribution in about one month's time. Thank you if you can please let me know. Cheryl

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Can I get a car converted to a PHEV in New Zealand?

, if so what are the prices and where can I get this done?

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Hi Alannah,

It would be much more expensive to convert a fuel car to PHEV or BEV than buying a new one.
But if you were talking about converting a Hybrid to PHEV?

That would require the installation of a charger and a charge port. Which although probable not terrible expensive the benefit would be limited. Most hybrids have a very small battery and would give only a few km's of range.

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Where oh where is the list of vehicles that are doing the roadshow?

Is there a list and a bunch of photos of the vehicles so we can see what is coming/been?

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What's the problem with visiting the CITY OF NELSON ??

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Nothing. We are. April 26th 12-14:00. The location is not set yet and the event is not up on our site but it is loaded on FB. 

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Tesla to Blenheim

Please can anyone tell me how I can get a Tesla to the Blenheim A&P Park on Saturday 22nd April for the "Marlborough Earth Day Party". We will have Leafs and a BMWi3 to demonstrate to the public at the event but we really need a Tesla. Are there any generous owners out there who would come aloing to exhibit their car and talk about what it is like to own. We can cover your charging costs for the travel to and from. Peter Deacon 021 210 7769

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Hi Peter,
All of the #LeadingTheCharge team are on the annual road trip during April. And on the 22nd we will be in Christchurch. We don't get to Blenheim until the 27th.
There may be another Tesla owner in the South Island who is not meeting the road trip. We shall see if they come out of the wood work.

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Govt subsidy for conversions question

hi there,we know it is currently way too expensive for the average low income earner to go out and buy a EV or BEV so was wondering is there any form of subsidy for converting an existing car to either hybrid or full electric as we have a classic 1970's Triumph 2.5L TC car that we would love to do a conversion on it not only to be different but more importantly for sustainability and future-proofing our existance as a human race as a result of climate change. plus we would need to know where in Canterbury to get it done within the next 12 months to 2yrs. t.i.a. from jamie

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Hi Jamie,

I asked Nick Smith from Charge Net to confirm what I suspected as he is currently doing a conversion him self.

"I would never recommend a conversion as a cost saving exercise.  You would be better off buying a $16k leaf off Trademe.

 You will get better range (even with a shot battery), better performance and better amenities (aircon etc)"

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Nissan Leaf Research

Hi, I'm a new member just signed up. I'm writing because I just got off the phone with a very helpful guy at (probably a good place form Wellingtonians to buy an EV).

He told me lots. For instance did you know that there is an OBD-II (bluetooth) adaptor just under the dash of a Nissan Leaf, and if you download the app: 'Leaf Spy' on your smart phone, you can then interrogate the car to find out the condition of the battery and other things?

Regarding the battery, it's best at 12 bars, but battery life in cars can vary widely. For instance while a 2014 Leaf may have 20,000kms on the clock, the battery could be a great 11 or 12 bars, while a 5,000km 2015 model may have only 10 or 11 bars. He also said it's all about the battery not the mileage! Thus the importance of checking out the battery (via the app) when buying. This app will give you the exact battery life percentage eg. 92%.

He would buy a higher milage car with a better battery condition any day. He also mentioned that if a car has been sitting around for a while, the battery reading can be low by 1 or 2%, but this can come back-up with running (constant recharging on 'fast charge’ can cause a battery to prematurely age). He also mentioned that the old idea of charging to 80% has now gone. It's now best to charge to 100% so that the top 20% gets used and isn't lost by the battery's memory, so to speak (the 2016 Leafs no longer have the 80% charge option).

Finally he had a word or two about charging plugs. He didn't see a lot of advantage a 6.6kwh charge unit (as apposed to a 3.3kwh) as it is by-passed on ‘quick charge’ units anyway, and when charging on a house plug the current is restricted to 5.8 amps, and 15 amps on a caravan plug. So the higher spec charger's full potential isn't realised. However it will still make a home charge faster (twice as fast?). An installed charge unit has a thermistor which limits the power drawn so that it doesn't over heat. The Leaf battery technology changed for the 2016 model. They now have 30kwh batteries and 6.6kw charges as standard (as apposed to the previous 24kwh & 3.3kwh).

Anyway I found all this very helpful and hopefully you will too. Now to actually buy a car!

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Hi Grant,

Thanks for your input. It is great to see that the sales people know their product.

The one thing I am not sure I agree with is the 100% charge. Lithium batteries don't have a memory so charging to 80% wont make them forget to use the top 20%. But they do not like being kept at 100% or near zero for any period of time.

So it is still good practice to only charge to 100% before going on a trip.

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Regarding i-MiEV

Looking at 2011 with low mileage on Trade Me. Does the battery life go by age or mileage? Are there any members with i-MiEV that could be contacted for some constructive advice? We are in Palmerston North. Any in the lower North Island? Looking forward to your reply. Kind regards Ernst Watts

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If you would like to contact me as an i-MIEV driver Ernst my e-mail is and mobile 027 536 3346 

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Anywhere around Taranaki that offers battery replacement?

We are currently in the process of buying a gen 1 nissan leaf wnd where wondering where we would go when we need to replace the battery. We will be the first people we know of to buy an electric car so unsure of where to go if something does go wrong?

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EV Rental in Queenstown?

Hi, I would like to test out the waters of EV and rent some cars for our family gathering during the new year holidays in Queenstown, any advice who to contact there ?

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Morgan Knoesen is the Coordinator of the Wanaka EV Club and he should be able to help you  - his email is

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Information for emergency service providers and towing companies.

Hi James. I wonder if we need to inform vehicle related services about the nuances of EVs. E.g. only flat deck towing, where to find the power safety cut wires for first responders (NZ Fire Service and St Johns)?

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Am researching this for you Marty NZTA sent out a warning in August, but will post a fuller answer here to your question soon. AA I know are aware of issues with recovering EVs.   

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What happens to Batteries when they die?

One of the questions that came up regularly during International Drive Electric Week was about disposal of batteries so I am posting a question AND an answer here and will be adding this to FAQs soon

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There is one answer HERE from the knowledgeable Richard Edwards who been writing about the automotive industry for many years. Richard is Editor of "EV Talk" and his article gives us one answer to Where do EV batteries go when they die?. Any other examples of effective recycling please add to this thread.           

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How do we get you to the 139th Annual Spring A&P Show in Carterton at the end of October 2016?

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Contact me directly please (James Cozens) at

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Who was running the Wanaka Farmers Market event

Who was running the Wanaka Farmers Market event, I would like to follow up with a few questions.

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Morgan Knoesen is the Coordinator of the Wanaka EV Club and his email is

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Towing with EVs

Which EVs are capable of towing a load that Jo Average will buy a diesel SUV for currently? Let's say a "boat"...

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The only pure EV rated for towing is the Tesla Model X. It has a towing capacity of 2200kgs.

Next would be the Plug In Hybrids like the Mitsubishi Outlander, Porsche and Mercedes SUV's.

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Uncertainty makes electric car seem like a financial risk?

Hi there, I've been looking into getting an electric car, a Mitsubishi i-Miev to be specific. My main issue however is that I'd be the first person I know getting an electric car, so if something goes wrong, I won't know who to turn to for help with maintenance, servicing, WOFs, etc. Especially as Mitsubishi no longer sells them in NZ, I'm concerned that I'd be on my own. Another issue is that to buy one, it'd need to be a Japanese import, and it's likely that the battery would have already run down partially and would need a replacement in a few short years. I've tried finding out how much a new battery would cost, and I couldn't get an information on this, so I feel like if I was to buy an i-MiEV, I'd be setting myself up for a potential bill of who-knows-how-much in the near future. Another barrier I have is that I'm unable to charge it at my home, as I don't have a garage. There is a free charging station at Sylvia Park near by, however I don't want to be forced to go shopping for 5+ hours every time I want to charge. Thus wondering if anyone has experience with installing an outdoor charger on the side of their house? I'm wondering how much it would cost and what company would be good to talk to about this (electricians?) Quite a few questions, hopefully someone is able to help! I'd really like to get an electric car, it just seems too risky (with lots of hidden expenses and limited guarantees and support from the i-MiEV seller). Thanks, Chris Email:

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Thanks for your question Chris. A great choice (I am a bit biased as I own one). I am happy to answer all your questions and will e-mail you as well. I will post a fuller answer for you after this busy weekend is over. If you are around on Sunday come to Motat as there will be at least 4 I-Miev owners there and about 70 more EV owners too!    One of the advantages of an I-Miev is that they have DC fast charging so in Auckland you can use one of the Charge Net NZ or Vector fast chargers that will give you about 80k of travel in a short charge (25 mins or so)         

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