Uncertainty makes electric car seem like a financial risk?

Hi there, I've been looking into getting an electric car, a Mitsubishi i-Miev to be specific. My main issue however is that I'd be the first person I know getting an electric car, so if something goes wrong, I won't know who to turn to for help with maintenance, servicing, WOFs, etc. Especially as Mitsubishi no longer sells them in NZ, I'm concerned that I'd be on my own. Another issue is that to buy one, it'd need to be a Japanese import, and it's likely that the battery would have already run down partially and would need a replacement in a few short years. I've tried finding out how much a new battery would cost, and I couldn't get an information on this, so I feel like if I was to buy an i-MiEV, I'd be setting myself up for a potential bill of who-knows-how-much in the near future. Another barrier I have is that I'm unable to charge it at my home, as I don't have a garage. There is a free charging station at Sylvia Park near by, however I don't want to be forced to go shopping for 5+ hours every time I want to charge. Thus wondering if anyone has experience with installing an outdoor charger on the side of their house? I'm wondering how much it would cost and what company would be good to talk to about this (electricians?) Quite a few questions, hopefully someone is able to help! I'd really like to get an electric car, it just seems too risky (with lots of hidden expenses and limited guarantees and support from the i-MiEV seller). Thanks, Chris Email: ccc00@windowslive.com

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Thanks for your question Chris. A great choice (I am a bit biased as I own one). I am happy to answer all your questions and will e-mail you as well. I will post a fuller answer for you after this busy weekend is over. If you are around on Sunday come to Motat as there will be at least 4 I-Miev owners there and about 70 more EV owners too!    One of the advantages of an I-Miev is that they have DC fast charging so in Auckland you can use one of the Charge Net NZ or Vector fast chargers that will give you about 80k of travel in a short charge (25 mins or so)         

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    Chris there are now close to 50 I-Miev owners in NZ now and many of these are in and around Auckland. A decent imported I-Miev will cost around the $14,000 to $15,000 mark and would likely give you a full return on your investment well before any battery replacement is likely. Savings of $250 plus a month in petrol costs if you are driving in Auckland and maintenance costs really only for tyres, means that you can be saving around $5,000 – $6,000 a year. Coupled with the fact that they are quiet, surprisingly “nimble” and a doddle to park, there really is a great case for buying one. As I said before, they have DC fast charging as well as AC, so lack of charging at home is not an issue. You say you do not have a garage? Neither do I, but I have a 15A caravan socket on an exterior house wall that my Charger plugs into at night – that may be another option for you? It cost around $400 to install. Hope that helps
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