What happens to Batteries when they die?

One of the questions that came up regularly during International Drive Electric Week was about disposal of batteries so I am posting a question AND an answer here and will be adding this to FAQs soon

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There is one answer HERE from the knowledgeable Richard Edwards who been writing about the automotive industry for many years. Richard is Editor of "EV Talk" and his article gives us one answer to Where do EV batteries go when they die?. Any other examples of effective recycling please add to this thread.           

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    The article above suggests reuse commercially. Equally as viable is reuse residentially. A Nissan Leaf battery, even at half capacity (12kWh), would still be twice the capacity as the Tesla Powerwall (6kWg). In other words, it would be amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jB6jyy0Joq8 is a great video showing the tiny Powerwall in the UK allows homes to reduce grid use by 97% when recharged with daytime solar panels.
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