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hi there,we know it is currently way too expensive for the average low income earner to go out and buy a EV or BEV so was wondering is there any form of subsidy for converting an existing car to either hybrid or full electric as we have a classic 1970's Triumph 2.5L TC car that we would love to do a conversion on it not only to be different but more importantly for sustainability and future-proofing our existance as a human race as a result of climate change. plus we would need to know where in Canterbury to get it done within the next 12 months to 2yrs. t.i.a. from jamie

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Hi Jamie,

I asked Nick Smith from Charge Net to confirm what I suspected as he is currently doing a conversion him self.

"I would never recommend a conversion as a cost saving exercise.  You would be better off buying a $16k leaf off Trademe.

 You will get better range (even with a shot battery), better performance and better amenities (aircon etc)"

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