2021 SI Road Trip Day 2

From Bluff to Te Anau today...

An early morning for most of us this morning and, for the hardy among us, we decided the wind in Invercargill wasn't cold enough, so we shot down to Bluff.  It was frigid, with a biting Southerly!

 After the frozen start, we headed to have a look at some of the unusual EV offerings in Invercargill.

We dispatched ourselves randomly towards a lunch break in Tuatapere.  While I struggled to get the Riverton charger to start, Akira managed fine.  A bit of a queue developed at Tuatapere with at least one of the Model 3s indiciating arrival in Te Anau on 2% and that was something the heavy-footed(?) driver wasn't comfortable with.  On the way to Te Anau, we visited a local Champion, Tim Gow who has participated on some of the trips in the past.

Finally, we headed into the gorgeous sunshine at Te Anau and are all getting our vehicles charged up for a trip into Milford Sound tomorrow.  There are two groups - the boaters and the walkers.  Weather forecast not to bad for tomorrow.

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