2021 SI Road Trip Day 6

Cromwell to Naseby/Ranfurly

Beautiful day today as well, starting in Cromwell.  After a great breakfast at Fusee Rouge (traditional visit whenever I go to Cromwell) Sophie and I headed down to the Clyde Dam Lookout and relaxed while the others started catching up with us.  From there we headed to Fraser Dam Road and decided how many cars we needed to head up to the Power Station, opened in 2019, for a tour with the operator, Pioneer Energy.  The station was going full steam at 8MW - enough to charge my Tesla in 45 seconds from empty to full (petrol stations have NO future at that rate)

The road up was amazing - such great views down the hill into Alexandra.  From there, we headed to lunch at the Hawkdun Rise Vineyard - we washed our cars to get rid of the dust we had accumulated, therefore decreasing the excess weight allowing us to travel further on one charge.  John (who was kind enough to have organised the Power Scheme tour)  and Suzanne put on a lovely spread with salad from their own garden, which was quite expansive!

The group said farewell to David and Rachael and welcomed Loretta and Andrew for the morning and lunch.  The remainder of us then headed up to St Bathans, Sophie and I exploring an expansive planting of daffodils on the way up.

From St Bathans, we took different paths heading towards Naseby and Ranfurly.  Not terribly much to see in Naseby today according to those who went there, so we will share our experiences over dinner tonight.

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