About Us

The Better NZ Trust has been #LeadingTheCharge throughout New Zealand since January 2015. 

We work to educate New Zealanders in what can be done at an individual and corporate level to adopt zero carbon renewable energy technology.

“We’ll Give You the Facts, and Let You Decide”

Our current programme is incredibly varied – ranging from visits to schools and arranging local events to working closely with University researchers and relevant Government departments.

The Annual Road Trip is a massive undertaking for the Trust, bringing EVs to many major and minor locations in New Zealand and enables us to raise funds to support our work.

We are a registered charitable trust; registration CC55076

What We Are Not

  • We are politically agnostic. Our volunteers have a broad range of political stances.
  • We are not a lobby group
  • Nor an owners' association as such
  • And we do not sell cars
  • We do not, as a whole, favour any particular automobile brand. We will work with, and support, any dealer who is willing to invest time into selling plug-in electric vehicles.

We receive funding from both private donations and the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority of NZ.

Our Vision

To create environmental, financial and health benefits for all New Zealanders through education and outreach. We are assisting in the adoption of zero-carbon renewable energy technologies.

Championing sustainable initiatives for a better future for all of New Zealand is at the core of all that we do.

Our Mission

The Better NZ Trust's main focus is the #LeadingTheCharge campaign. As ~20% of New Zealand's greenhouse gas pollution is caused by the transport sector, we believe that transitioning away from fossil-fuelled vehicles into electric vehicles will make a valuable impact on our country's zero-carbon policies.

Concurrently, this transition will benefit NZ's economy by keeping our fuel for transport dollars in New Zealand and conserve the world's valuable fossil fuels for future generations.

Our Volunteers

Our organisation is dependent on our people. Electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts volunteer their time to help us promote the uptake of electric vehicles in the towns and cities of New Zealand.

In each region, we support a Champion amongst the volunteers to rally support from their wider neighbourhood. These people truly are champions as they spend their own time and energy to help. They are also knowledgeable about EV, many of whom have been pioneers in the cultural shift to electric-powered transport. Volunteers can sign up on this website and we will put them in touch with their local champion.

Our Trustees


Kathryn Trounson
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Sean Dick
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 Steve West
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Major Events

Every year the Better NZ Trust puts on two nationwide events:

International Drive Electric Week

For 9 days in August or September, New Zealand joins the USA and other countries by hosting EV Awareness events in provincial towns and cities.

EV Road Trip

Since the inception of the Better NZ Trust, we have put on an annual road trip usually from Cape Reinga to Bluff in a convoy of EVs.

Originally, the Road Trip was organised by Trustees Carl Barlev, Steve West and friends. It was a chance to prove that EVs could handle long distances.

Now, we feel that this has well and truly been proven. Charging infrastructure is available throughout New Zealand and thanks to the efforts of infrastructure providers and more choice in vehicles, the annual Road Trip is no longer the pioneering adventure that it once was.

However, it's still a chance for the Trustees, Champions and EV enthusiasts to travel together, promoting EV and having fun.


Minor Events

Our regional champions organise regular local events to educate and promote Electric Vehicles to the general public or specific groups, and to encourage EV owners to meet. These are advertised on our Events calendar.



The most valuable resources for #LeadingTheCharge are the owner-drivers and enthusiasts who make this community work. There are too many to list individually but you will see their names on various pages as ticker tape.

But we also are indebted to the various companies and organisations for donating services or money to help operate the Trust. The list of our larger sponsors can be found here. There are many more organisations that help us in smaller ways whom we are equally grateful to.



Thank you so much for your support, we are excited to continue our work and to meet more people who are as excited as we are about a Better NZ for all of us.

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