Aren't plug-in cars expensive?


On first glance the initial cost of buying either a full BEV or a PHEV can look very expensive indeed. It is still a new variant of transport, and all manufacturers have invested heavily into producing such vehicles. Sales volumes are therefore still small, but increasing year on year.

In NZ where we are very used to buying second-hand Japanese cars, the cheapest EV available on the market is a second hand Nissan Leaf and prices can be as low as $12,000. At the other end of the scale a brand new Tesla Model S starts at around $120,000. So the price graph is wide, and therefore hopefully anyone can find a price that is justifiable for their circumstances.

When buying a petrol car, few people consider the on-going costs of fuel and maintenance.

In fact the more kilometers you drive, the more money you save when driving an EV. As a rule of thumb charging at home on overnight rates gives you 'electric fuel' at roughly a sixth the cost of fossil fuel petrol.

Hence, over the life of an EV, the total cost of ownership can work out better than buying an ICE car - and you have contributed no CO2 to the environment! This is a win-win situation! 


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