Better NZ Trust wins at the 2016 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards

The Better NZ Trust has won the Communicating Sustainability Award at the NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards held in Auckland on 17 November.

The NZI Sustainable Business Network (SBN) Awards are New Zealand’s longest-standing sustainability awards. Now in their 14th year, they recognise businesses and individuals that are transforming New Zealand to a more sustainable nation.

The Communicating Sustainability Award, sponsored by Cadence Communications, recognises the organisation that has demonstrated excellence in communicating a sustainability related message. The judges were interested in seeing a clear return on investment.

The judges said: “What the Better NZ Trust is doing to promote electric vehicles is truly impressive and inspirational. As judges we were asked to recognise the bright sparks who are introducing transformational technologies to achieve real change for New Zealand. The Better NZ Trust is making this country better by effectively agitating for change from fossil fuel-based vehicles to clean energy electric vehicles.”

Kathryn Trounson from The Better NZ Trust says 'Our experience at many EV events tells us that the best way to get people thinking about electric vehicles is to give them a ride!

'A short ride in an EV blows away all the misconceptions! The EV grin never fades!

'EV talk is useful, but demonstrating EV torque is priceless!

For the list of winners and commendations for the 2016 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards go to:

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