Hobsonville Farmers Market 11 Sept 2016

A good line up of EVs were on display at the Hobsonville Farmers market on Sunday 11th September 2016 - a Tesla Model S, a BMW i3, 3 Nissan Leafs and Steve West's Tesla Roadster! Under very clear blue skies there were a large range of people who visit this market weekly for fresh produce! Kerikeri oranges, home made preserves and Turkish breads are just some of the produce on offer, as well as many stalls offering tempting food choices for the browsers! Over 130 family groups and couples took advantage of the EV enthusiasts to ask them all those questions that bubble to the surface when confronted with EV technology, and another 60 groups of people took the leaflets for reading later!

Leaflets were well received and the numbers shown there as to how economic EVs are, will hopefully start the 'Are we bold enough to buy an EV' conversations around the dinner table, and lead to more EVs being purchased! The stickers were distributed, and as it was a task given to Daniel and Steph, many children could be seen walking around the market with them on their clothing! We hope that subversively they will get them onto their parents ICE cars!

We will be doing it all again next Sunday 18th September - come on down and see us!!

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Matakana Village Farmers Market 10 Sept

International Drive Electric Week held a hugely successful event at Matakana Village Farmers Market. Four keen volunteers, including Kathryn Trounson, Chairperson of The Better NZ Trust got up for a 7am chilly start. 


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Auckland to Puhoi EV Convoy

The old met the new on Saturday when 21 electric vehicles, ranging from the Nissan Leaf to the Tesla Model S, gathered at Charge Net NZ’s head office.  It was an early start for day one of International Drive Electric Week and the drivers were very pleased to be greeted with coffee from Mister Barista.


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Long Distance Travel in a Leaf

With a range of 100-130 km most people would consider the Leaf a city car. And sure it is perfect for daily commutes to and from work or people in small towns. But there are many who like to push the limits. 

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The Better NZ Trust finalists in 2016 SBN awards

The Better NZ Trust are delighted to have been announced as a finalist for the Cadence Communications "Communicating Sustainability" award.    SBN_Awards_2016_Badge_Finalist.jpg

This award is made for "influencing stakeholders and effectively communicating your progress to inspire businesses and people to act differently" and we are proud to be included.     

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NZ 90% Renewable Electricity


As we head towards International Drive Electric Week (September 10th to 18th) one of the questions that is going to be consistently asked will be “Don’t Electric Cars run on fossil fuel produced electricity?”

As EV owners know New Zealand is fortunate to have a large amount of renewable energy at our disposal and we quote 80% as the norm, but in a Transpower release issued yesterday we are told that the peak percentage of renewables has been 90% or higher for EACH MONTH since February and the peak percentage of renewables reached 93% on the week starting 27 June 2016.

“There are very few countries that can boast over 90% renewable generation. New Zealand should feel proud that as a country, we can run such a green power system and have a continued commitment to do so”  says Transpower Chief Executive Alison Andrew

The Better NZ Trust are working together with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) to promote International Drive Electric Week in New Zealand.

EECA is promoting electric vehicles in New Zealand as part of the Government’s electric vehicles programme; EVs take advantage of New Zealand’s renewable electricity and create 80% fewer CO2 emissions than a petrol or diesel car.

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10% Growth July 2016


July saw a further 10% increase in EV registrations to 1663 and the biggest growth EVER in Used Electrics. Looking at listings on Trade Me, talking to dealers and hearing the numbers on the ships, 2000 by the end of September should be easily achievable.  International Drive Electric Week (10th to 18th September) should help further accelerate this growth.


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June 2016 Movie Tour

In June this year the Better NZ Trust facilitated a visit by EV advocate and industry advisor Chelsea Sexton to present at "The Future Is Electric" Electric Vehicle Symposium. The symposium was co-hosted by Greater Wellington Regional and Wellington City Councils with support from EECA, Carbridge, Wellington Electricity, NZ Transport Agency and the Ministry of Transport.


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Record Breaking Month June 2016


Encouraging figures just released this afternoon by the Ministry of Transport show 194 new EVs on NZ roads, albeit bolstered due to the registration of 90 Loyds Paxsters by NZ Post.

This is the highest number of EVs ever registered in a single month in New Zealand.

We have been travelling around New Zealand with Chelsea Sexton over the last 2 weeks and the news from importers is even more encouraging – Gazley Wellington, Autocourt Dunedin, Volt Vehicles Auckland, NZ Electric Vehicles Christchurch and GVI Auckland all reporting more sales to come and many vehicles on the way to NZ.

More details HERE

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Sudima Christchurch


The Sudima Hotel Group have consistently impressed us with what they have achieved. In 2014 the hotel Sudima Auckland Airport became the first hotel in New Zealand to attain carboNZero certification. In 2015, the Sudima Hotel Group as a whole, comprising five properties in New Zealand and Australia, further demonstrated its progressive credentials by becoming the country’s first accessible hotel group.

Now, in July 2016, the Sudima Christchurch airport adds to those achievements by opening a second J1772 electric vehicle charger and dedicating four premium car parks to electric vehicle charging. Once again, leading the way in Christchurch.

Chelsea Sexton was in Christchurch to officially open the chargers, as well as attend a special screening of “Who Killed the Electric Car”. She cut the ribbon with Martin Chan, Food and Beverage manager.

“Every new charger that opens is an important step in developing the infrastructure that New Zealand needs to help electric vehicle uptake” Chelsea said yesterday  “I was delighted to be in Christchurch for the opening of the second charger at the Sudima airport hotel and I understand that the hotel has more plans to develop and promote electric vehicles , which of course I thoroughly endorse “ she added.

We would also like to thank Ifti Hussain, manager of the Sudima Christchurch Airport and Riza Suryo Manager of Sudima Auckland for their ongoing support of The Trust.

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