Reason I Bought An EV - 3

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Busting EV Myths Part 3

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Part 3: 

Myth "EVs Don't Go Far"

Myth: "It Takes Hours to Charge"

Myth: "There's No Infrastructure"

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Reason I Bought An EV - 2

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Busting EV Myths Part 2


Part 2 of 6.

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Myth: "They Look Ugly"

Myth: "There's No Skill In Driving Them"

Myth: "They're Not As Fast"

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Busting EV Myths Part 1

It's hard to counter all the misinformation that exists about EVs in just a few sentences. Especially where the topic is quite involved. The Better NZ Trust has produced this series of informal, simplified infographics to give #LeadingTheCharge volunteers talking points. Please share.

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In Part One we Bust the following Myths:

Myth: "EV's Can't Tow"

Myth: "They're Too Expensive"

Myth: "They're Just A Fad"

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Power of the Butterfly Effect


Does the Flap of a Butterfly's Wings in Brazil Set Off a Tornado in Texas?

Probably not, but meteorologist Edward Lorenz's chaos theory, the Butterfly Effect, has evolved in popular culture to describe the ability of a small action to create a larger effect.

Nowhere in New Zealand was this more evident than in Dunedin last week. This Little But Mighty city hosted a kaleidoscope of EVents during Tech Week—a huge effort by local volunteers and guests. Here’s the roundup.

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Leading The Charge Road Trip 2018 - Wrap up

The annual Leading the Charge road trip is over for 2018. Another great adventure was enjoyed by the dozen or so drivers who took in large sections, or all of, the route this year. 

By time we got to the start, ran the course, and took test rides, the total distance traveled was just under 6000km.

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Leading The Charge Road Trip 2018

Planning is almost complete for the Annual Road trip. This year we are travelling from Bluff to Cape Reinga again with about 26 events planned. And we are excited to announce that Chelsea Sexton from the USA is joining us again for the entire trip!


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Wings and Wheels - Thames

Wings and Wheels Expo - Thames - 27th January 2018


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Another record breaker for EV registrations and superb timing!!

Each month we publish an "EV report" to track how we are going against the targets set by the Government in May 2016. This is to double the number of electric vehicles in New Zealand every year to reach approximately 64,000 by 2021. The comparative numbers in this report may vary a little from previous reports as the Ministry of Transport is working hard on ensuring accurate reporting including correct analysis of plug in hybrids and battery variants.

August saw another record number of EV registrations (excluding Paxsters), and what great timing! -  as judging by the huge interest already shown in EV World and International Drive Electric week, September is looking good too :)


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