BMW Invests in Carbon Net Zero Gasoline

"The average car stays on the road for over eight years; meaning that even if the whole world switched to buying 100% electric cars tomorrow, it would still take almost a decade for today's internal-combustion engines to be off the road," Greg Smithies, partner at BMW i Ventures, said in a statement.
That is why BMW executives believe synthetic fuels will help lower overall emissions more quickly, while long term they are committed to electric cars.
And so, BMW is investing millions in Prometheus Fuels, a company that plans to remove carbon-dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and convert it into gasoline.
"Prometheus' synthetic gasoline is a zero net carbon fuel, meaning it does not add any extra carbon to the atmosphere. It still produces CO2 when burned in an internal-combustion engine, just like conventional gasoline. Because it's made from CO2 already in the air, those emissions are effectively canceled out, in theory at least," says Stephen Edelstein from Green Car Reports.

Synthetic fuels are generally made from biogas – CO2e gases released in landfills or more commonly composting sawdust.

Meanwhile, this week BMW released the first official photos of the iX3 - it's new all electric SUV which is due to be delivered towards the end of this year.  Produced in China, it will not be released in the USA — that market preferring to wait for the all-wheel-drive BMW iNext which is due to be released next year. The iNext (prototype name) is labelled an SAV (Suburban Activity Vehicle).
The BMW i4 is also in the works, with the production version promised for next year as well. This luxury 4-door coupé, or Gran Coupé as BMW call it, is likely to be more powerful than the BMW M4 making it the brand's premium car. It is likely to have a dual-motor as standard but possibly with a single-motor option. The prototype which was meant to be released at the cancelled 2020 Geneva Motor Show can reach 0-100 kph in less than 4 seconds, ie: less time than the ICE versions. 


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