Can you charge two cars at once at a ChargeNet station?

Why are there two cables and two carparks at ChargeNet rapid charging stations if you can only use one of them?


All of the ChargeNet DC 25kW and 50kW chargers only have one charger in the station. This means they can only charge one vehicle at a time. Both cables must be replaced in the holdster before a new charging session can start.

DC chargers have two cables and often have two carparks to both support the two official NZ DC charging protocols (CHAdeMO & CCS2) and charging port locations on the vehicles. The second car park can also be used by an EV waiting to charge. Unless you are waiting to charge, or charging, you may not park in a ChargeNet charging spot indicated by the official EV signage painted on the concrete.  You may leave your vehicle while charging, but must not leave your vehicle if you are waiting to charge and parked in a ChargeNet carpark. If leaving while charging, you must remain in the vicinity so you can be back before charging finishes.

Some other DC charging providers in NZ (such as WEL Networks) do occasionally offer a station which also supports AC charging. Where this is the case, a car may also slow charge, while either of the DC cables are in use. Some charging providers also support queuing where a plugged in car will start charging once the other connection has finished. Stations that support this are rare.

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