Hamilton Welcomes the #LeadingTheCharge EV Road Trip

Hamilton Welcomes the #LeadingTheCharge EV Road Trip

Join us as we welcome to Hamilton City the forth annual BetterNZ Trust #LeadingTheCharge Electric Vehicle Road Trip!

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A small group of Electric Vehicles (EVs) will be driving from Bluff, Invercargill to Cape Reinga in March, stopping in various cities along the way to share their knowledge of EVs and showing kiwis across the nation that driving an EV on long trips is not only very doable, but is hugely cost effective and fun!

Hamilton based companies and organisations who have incorporated EVs into their own fleets or support the cause for sustainable alternative transport will also be showcased at the event. Many are bringing along some very exciting vehicles - you do not want to miss out on seeing these up close, first hand. Watch this space at these vehicles will be revealed in the weeks leading up to the big event!

Everyone is invited to head down to Garden place on the afternoon of 28th March to find out more.

Are you a Hamilton based business that has an interest in Electric Vehicles or Bikes? Contact Justin Boyd to find out how you can join in on the event.

Do you run a food van or mobile coffee station? Get in touch if you would like to cater at the event.

Are you a local EV owner and would like to help out on the day? We need volunteers to help out passing their knowledge and experiences onto the public. Please get in touch with Justin.

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[Justin Boyd - All Events In]

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