Hobsonville Farmers Market 11 Sept 2016

A good line up of EVs were on display at the Hobsonville Farmers market on Sunday 11th September 2016 - a Tesla Model S, a BMW i3, 3 Nissan Leafs and Steve West's Tesla Roadster! Under very clear blue skies there were a large range of people who visit this market weekly for fresh produce! Kerikeri oranges, home made preserves and Turkish breads are just some of the produce on offer, as well as many stalls offering tempting food choices for the browsers! Over 130 family groups and couples took advantage of the EV enthusiasts to ask them all those questions that bubble to the surface when confronted with EV technology, and another 60 groups of people took the leaflets for reading later!

Leaflets were well received and the numbers shown there as to how economic EVs are, will hopefully start the 'Are we bold enough to buy an EV' conversations around the dinner table, and lead to more EVs being purchased! The stickers were distributed, and as it was a task given to Daniel and Steph, many children could be seen walking around the market with them on their clothing! We hope that subversively they will get them onto their parents ICE cars!

We will be doing it all again next Sunday 18th September - come on down and see us!!

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