A satisfied Leaf owner gives his report card after one year of ownership


I have had my Gen 1 Leaf Sport for 1 year and have become a devout EVangelist.

There have been no maintenance costs although I do object to the cost of registration but then I am not paying any road user charges,   I have since found out charges are changing in July 2017.

I like the smooth quiet operation, the way it goes when required, the quality of the finish and the comfort. Sure the range is a problem but it has only been to Auckland twice and Whangarei 3 times. Other than that it goes 26kms into town everyday, comes home, gets plugged in for a 10amp charge to 80%.    Total mileage for the year was 11200kms. As I'm home by 10am it is mostly charged from our PV panels. This normal use is why I bought it in the first place as it satisfies my needs. The meter on my cable outlet shows it averages about 140kw usage a month but as I have mentioned previously I have no way of knowing what is "our" electricity or "theirs".

My other car is a 1966 Riley Kestrel which more than makes up for the Leaf in air pollution!!


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  • Derek Fowler
    commented 2017-08-10 16:58:36 +1200
    Hi. Interested in your comment re charging from solar. I would like to do this also but don’t want to draw power from the grid. I only have a 3Kw solar array so doesn’t produce enough power to charge car alone without drawing extra from the grid. How do you handle this?