Are you curious about Electric Vehicles?  You'll find screeds of information here in the subpages of this Info section. Just use the menu tabs at the top of the pages.

Do you have a specific question about Electric Vehicles? You might find the answer in our FAQ page. If not ask us.

Were you wondering who we are, how we started, and what we do?  Visit our About Us page

Or perhaps you were wondering where we get our funding. We occasionally get funding from individual members by donation, but most of our funding comes from like-minded organisations. Find out which organisations have funded us in the past 12 months. Without their help, we wouldn't be able to do half the things we do.

Are you looking to buy an electric vehicle. Search for a local dealer.

Or perhaps you need to buy some EVSE. Search looking for EV equipment.

Or maybe you want to know what words like EVSE mean. Search our EV Jargon chapter here.




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