Leading the Charge – Nelson

On March 20 the EV road trippers held an event at the Network Tasman fast charger in Richmond near Nelson.

The Marlborough region is full of passionate champions, and through their hard work we arrived at a site heaving with EVs.

[Margaret Baker - EV Talk - 22 March 2018]

We had several locals turn up in their Leafs and Ioniqs to help spread the word and offer rides.

As is to be expected, the Teslas were a big drawcard. One of the champions had embarked on a “Tesla hunt” with his wife and son the evening before.

They finally tracked us to our hotel carpark and we caught them posing for photos with the cars when we headed off for dinner.

Nelson is a particularly beautiful part of the world and it was a treat to be able to have a bit of spare time to have a leisurely breakfast with new found EV friends, a wander around the shops and to catch the awesome National Geographic 50 Greatest Photos Exhibition at the Nelson Museum.

We all managed to grab a charge at either the Richmond or Nelson chargers and head off to Blenheim for our last night in the south.

The majestic mountains and picturesque valleys of the upper South Island are even more breath-taking when you are travelling in an EV, with the only sound coming from the stereo.

One of the wonderful things about the road trip events is we meet people we have been conversing with on EV Facebook pages and it’s like catching up with old friends.

It’s great to have this common passion that connects people from all sorts of backgrounds and to be able to share experiences and stories.

[Margaret Baker - EV Talk - 22 March 2018]

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