Leading the Charge Tour Starts 14 March 2018

Preparations are nearly finished for the Leading the Charge EV road trip over 5000km from Bluff to Cape Reinga from March 14 to April 3.

EV owners are being invited to join in on any leg or attend some of the 26 events planned along the way.

Californian EVangelist and regular visitor Chelsea Sexton is going along for the entire ride, while two French students on an EV tour of New Zealand will join in for about four days.

ChargeNet NZ says it has many more chargers now in place, so completing the journey should be a breeze.

The aim is to have as many people as possible experience an EV drive or ride during the tour.

Much more information features in EVtalk’s upcoming February magazine.

[Geoff Dobson - EV Talk - 5 Feb 2018]

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