Long Distance Travel in a Leaf

With a range of 100-130 km most people would consider the Leaf a city car. And sure it is perfect for daily commutes to and from work or people in small towns. But there are many who like to push the limits. 

Trips up and down the North Island and tours of the South Island have all been done. It just takes a little planning and the leisurely pace can be enjoyable.

Recently Steve Withers decided to take his Leaf to Rotorua for the day. And he wrote a blog about it.

Read about his trip here.


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  • Albie Burgers
    commented 2017-04-24 14:00:34 +1200
    Hey Steve, that’s an impressive achievement! Over 500km in a day with a Leaf! Thanks for your detailed description of your journey. Thought I might just mention that we’ve recently completed a 3000km road trip around the South Island in our Gen2 Leaf. It took us a month, though, because we stopped for a few days at a time to do some tramping around the Catlins, on Stewart Island, and the Milford. But like you, we found plenty of places to charge along the way.
    Good on you!
    Albie and Felicity Burgers [email protected]