LTC 2021 Road Tour

Yes, the Better NZ Trust is organising a couple of Road Trips, one on the South Island and one on the North, in early October this year, to coincide with the school holidays and International Drive Electric Week!  Based on the fantastic success of the ‘holiday style’ perambulations we did last year, this year’s trips will be in the same vein – so let’s just get out there to see our country and enjoy experiences as groups of EV owners!

Many suggestions for itineraries have been made, all of which have merit, but in order to keep the organisation clear and concise we are proposing the following: -

In broad outline these are:

North Island – a single route but in three loops (Click for Map)

  1. Auckland, Dargaville, Kerikeri, Whangarei and back to Auckland – 2nd to 5th October
  2. Auckland to Taupo, Napier and back to Taupo – 6th to 10th October
  3. Taupo to Napier followed by an anti-clockwise swing around East Cape to Whakatane, Tauranga – this will only be possible in cars with over 200 km range – 10th to 12th October

South Island

  1. Dunedin, Invercargill, Te Anau, Glenorchy, Wanaka, Cromwell, Naseby and back to Dunedin – 3rd to 9th October (Click for Map)


Whilst we did consider outlining ‘feeder’ trips to get people to Auckland or Taupo or Dunedin as the starting points, in the end we determined that it is easier to let everyone do their own thing, and merely tell us they will be at their chosen starting point on the appropriate day!

These trips are designed as ‘holidays’ with no fixed events organised as yet, but last year we found that having a visit to a particular location was very rewarding and provided a focus;  we generally had our evening meal together as well, although there were times when some members peeled off to see family and friends as we passed through places!  These trips are meant to be fun, and include as many travellers as possible. The ability to sometimes engage with the public – for instance when charging – added some extra interest, as we all can talk the hind legs off donkeys about our chosen EV when presented with an inquisitive audience!

We need to try and get some ideas of who would want to do what  - and, by the way, there is no requirement to do a full trip loop – jumping in and out where it suits is perfectly acceptable – once the interest level is gauged then we can put effort into filling out the itineraries.  Schematics of the trips are attached.  We would also be looking for volunteers to help with filling in the itineraries, so please, don’t be shy, let either Martin Kane (for the South Island) or me, Kathryn, (for the North Island) know if you want to do some ringing around for visits we can do whilst tripping!

There is a registration form, click here, that we would request you complete to help us gauge interest.  It is not binding in any way!

**** Please note that drivers of low range cars might need to check whether their chosen route can work – we know that many 24 kW Leafs do not like any more than 4 fast charges per day – although we could assume that the ambient temperatures in early October are not likely to be an issue! (Short Range Car Map)

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