May EV Meetup

Auckland kicked off what we hope will be many meetups for any EV interested humans this month.

Our thanks to Auckland City Electric Vehicles for hosting this month and putting on the fancy supper.


Hadley gave us a rundown on the market and supply of vehicles. There have been a couple of bursts in demand. The rebate and the price of petrol. Not really surprising but everything that helps people to start thinking about EV's is great for the environment.

Prior to this event, every new vehicle I had inquired about seems to have had a long waiting list. But although there was a row of sold cars in the warehouse, there remained just as many second vehicles available.

We had an interesting selection of owner vehicles, including a Polestar 2 and an Ionic 5. Plus a couple of Model 3 and Model S Tesla's.

Mark gave us a run down on his adventures travelling the country with a trailer full of tow bars. If you want to find out more, send him a message on Facebook. Or email him at [email protected]



Our next event will be on July 6th at GVI. Look out for the post.



Some more images on Marks Post here.

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