NZEV Statistics to June 30, 2018

June's EV figures are currently being released around the world and as we're at the half-way mark of 2018, it's a good time to check on EV Growth progress.  


[Data supplied by Ministry of Transport NZ and EV Sales. photo  BAIC EC series flooding China's streets, courtesy of EV Sales]

How New EV Registrations Compared to Total Fleet Registrations

First up, 2018 has seen 158,649 new or used import vehicles registered in NZ. 2,506 new PEV registrations means electric vehicles were 1.5% of total sales*. 

(* Note y-axis scale starts at 97%)

Breakdown of New EV Registrations

There were 513 EVs newly registered in June which is just a slight dip on May, but still very healthy. 

Perhaps what I left out of the following chart was a comparison to last year. 2017 had 1,424 new registrations at the six month mark, so 2018 has gained a hefty 76% increase to date. If we can keep this rate up, NZ would have approximately 84,000 EVs by the year-end 2021, which marks the governments 64,000 target date.





JUNE 2018

2018 (1st Half) TOTAL EVs on the road


54 343 1540


40 220 676


86 381 1633


333 1562 4764


513 2506 8613


Registrations by Model

Most interesting is the number of new plug-in hybrids. Many are demo models brought in specially by the automobile OEM. Others are privately imported, and some are possibly LHD. Generally speaking though, many of the listed models below are available in limited quantities. Model variants are listed together.

NB: This is also a logarithmic scale. Also does not seem to include conversions that were previously registered as petrol vehicles.


Geographical Registrations

No surprise here. Obviously Auckland has the largest quantity of EVs, but looking closer at number of EVs per 1000 population, gives a clearer picture.


How NZ Compares

And finally, looking at how NZ fits into the EV world: 

Top 5 in Sales to end of June 2018 by brand across the world. And NZ's top registratons by manufacturer. 

Note these figures include new and used import, PHEV and BEV mixed. Toyota Prius sales are the PHEV version only.


World by Model


2018 to date   NZ by Manufacturer 2018 to date All time

Nissan LEAF 

42,000   Nissan 1478 4582

BAIC EC-Series 

40,000   Mitsubishi 182 1073

Tesla Model 3 

27,000   Toyota 167 386

Toyota Prius (PHEV) 

27,000   Hyundai 160 377


23,000   Tesla 148 456
      BMW 106 559


25 126


31 123


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