Proactive Vector Produces EV Pamphlet

Unable to wait on government, Vector has begun publishing its own series of Guides on EV Charging. The first much-needed guide will be aimed at multi-dwelling complexes. This how-to guide is designed to make it easier for tenants and residents of business, commercial and apartment buildings to install EV charging facilities. 

Lines company, Vector Limited is New Zealand's leading electricity distributor and is largely owned by Auckland householders, via Entrust.

“EV popularity continues to skyrocket, with the number of EVs on New Zealand roads almost doubling year-on-year,” said Vector’s Head of Engineering, Cristiano Marantes.

“By demystifying the process and making it easier for people to charge their EVs, we expect to see to see more businesses adopt them as part of their company fleet,” he said. 


Lyn Gillingham

National Co-President of the Bodies Corporate Chairs' Group, Lyn Gillingham, welcomed the release of the guidelines. She said it is becoming increasingly clear that investing in EV charging facilities is essential, and will potentially enhance property resale value.

“We’re really pleased Vector has taken the lead to prepare a guide that lays out all the facts for property owners who we know are under increasing amounts of pressure to provide EV charging facilities to tenants and residents,” said Ms Gillingham. 

“The key message is that installing EV charging equipment should never be done on a per car or individual basis. EVs are going to become more commonplace so property owners need to develop a comprehensive plan to install and manage EV charging in their buildings. This will save them investment costs in the long term,” said Ms Gillingham.  


In 2019, Vector will release another in this set of guidelines, designed to help other residential EV owners choose the right EV charging option for their needs. 


The Better NZ Trust welcomes these new Guidelines and hopes to be invited to collaborate on future editions & updates.

To view the Connecting Electric Vehicle Chargers guidelines by Vector, click here. This link will be added to our website at 

[Rachelle Tilsley - Better NZ Trust - 11 Jan 2019]

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