BNZT Supporting Idle Off

The Better NZ Trust has been at the forefront of educating the NZ public as to the benefits of driving an electric car for five years, and we continue with this valuable mission.  Since 2016 and the first big scale RoadTrip the Trust has offered rides and drives in EVs, to enthuse potential purchasers that an EV really is so much fun to drive, and can help reduce CO2 emissions significantly.  Such a reduction is imperative if catastrophic global warming is to be avoided.

The Trust is now supporting an Australian project called IDLE OFF, which has been developed to inform and educate school children as to the harm that fossil-fuelled cars make when idling outside school gates.  See and find detailed information and project work sheets to start an air quality conversation!

The Idle Off team comprises Emma Sutcliffe, director of EVup (a charging infrastructure company), Clare Walter from the Clean Air Society of Australia, Nathan Gore-Brown who is a sustainable transport consultant and Chris Nash who is the president of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association.

“Every school day, parents and bus drivers idle their vehicles in school car parks across Australia and New Zealand, releasing dangerous emissions into the places where students study, play and breathe. In some cities and towns, there are areas where the air pollution is so bad that experts have compared it to smoking cigarettes.”

Check out the web site and see if a school near you wants to be involved with monitoring their local air quality.

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