Tesla tops Ferrari in drag race

A Tesla Model X left a Ferrari 488 in its dust during the early stages of a friendly drag race at “The Hare and Turtle” Drive Electric Week event at Cromwell.

[Geoff Dobson - EV Talk - 10 September 2018]

The Ferrari did catch up later in the race at the Highlands Motorsport Park.

Professional drivers Andrew Waite and Matt Gibson were in charge of the Tesla and the motorsport park’s Ferrari respectively.

Gibson told the Otago Daily Times the event changed how he views EVs.

“I knew the Tesla was a fast vehicle, but to see it race against one of the fastest supercars, it really surprised me and it is not what I expected.”

Waite says the Tesla had the edge in acceleration, but he could see the Ferrari gaining once it wound up.

The Cromwell event was run by the Otago EV Society and Flip the Fleet.

“It was good to have a meeting of minds and share some fun with conventional motorsport enthusiasts,” Flip the Fleet spokesman Henrik Moller says.

“Too often we talk past each other. And the Central Otago Motorsport Club members cleaned us EVers up in the motorkhana. But the ChargeNet RealAudio came close.”

About 35 EV owners also did some serious science, testing the effect of tyre pressure on range. “They also measured internal resistance of the batteries because it affects how hot the battery gets during charging and how much energy the battery can recover as the EV slows for the lights or rolls down a hill,” Moller says.

He says EV owners came from as far as Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill for the event.

[Geoff Dobson - EV Talk - 10 September 2018]

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