Transport Treehouse - a must watch podcast

Those of the EV community who have had the pleasure of meeting Chelsea Sexton, world famous EV advocate, will hopefully have seen/heard a new podcast series, called Transport Treehouse, in which Chelsea and her co-host Russell Frost interview EV luminaries on Zoom! So very Covid-19 and very watchable!

Chelsea of course has a resume in all things EV as long as your arm, going back to the days she worked on the EV1 at GM last century (!), and the Trust has always been so very grateful for her support of our RoadTrips over the years. Her attendance on RoadTrips assisted by the fact that she loves NZ and our plucky attempts to change the driving habits of our Team of 5 million!

The 2019 RoadTrip was characterised by the latest EECA and BNZT branded polo shirts and caps in a vibrant tangerine colour!  So when you watch these podcasts please note that Russell has been known to sport one of these very shirts, courtesy of Chelsea! 

transport treehouse

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