Wellington Round Up - International Drive Electric Week

International Drive Electric Week hit the capital with a bang last week!  With a total of 7 events ranging from meet and greets to a week long static display, there was something available for everybody to see.



Saturday 10th September - Sustainability Trust Spring Market

EV owners joined the sustainability trust's spring market, which coincided with the opening of their inner city solar charging station. 

Cars were available for rides on this day, which included:

Nissan Leaf

Mitsubishi Outlander 

Audi A3 eTron

Roughly 200 people attended this event and of the 50 who we engaged with, 20 of those were given rides in the above vehicles.  


Sunday 11th & Monday 12th September - Film Shoot & Convoy

On Sunday and Monday, we met up with a film crew and a dozen EVs to film our clean convoy towards Makara's West Wind Farm.  We had everything from electric motorcycles to vans and every kind of driver too, from private owners, staff in fleet cars and dealers.  Our journey also took us through some of the most iconic Wellington locations.  

Segments of this convoy were screened nationally on Newshub and Stuff.co.nz.  To watch the whole video, please visit our YouTube channel.


Wednesday 14th September - Staglands Wildlife Reserve

Staglands Wildlife Reserve opened their charging station this week.  Peter Dunne MP did the honours and he and 5 others got to have a ride in an EV afterwards.  In total, we had 50 people in attendance, all of whom were thoroughly engaged in what we are doing and where the technology is going.


Saturday 17th September - Zealandia Wildlife Sanctuary

This weekend was a particularly stormy one, however, rain or shine the owners and enthusiasts came along to again talk to the public and show off their cars.  Unfortunately, we only spoke to 2 people at this event and it has since been rescheduled to another point in the year.  

Sunday 18th September - Harbourside Market & Movie Screening

The last day of IDEW was still stormy but that didn't stop the market goers coming by and having a look.  Cars that were on display and available for rides were:

Nissan Leaf

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV


Of the 30 people who attended, 10 had a ride in one of the cars.


Later that evening, the cars parked outside Lighthouse Cuba Cinema as they screened the movie, Revenge Of The Electric Car.


With the success of the July screening of Who Killed The Electric Car, the sequel almost sold out with 80 attendees.


Thank you to Sigurd Magnusson and the Wellington champions for organising a fantastic array of events.

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