Yoogo Wins Smarter Mobility

Yoogo Share has won first place in the "Smarter Transport" category of the 2018 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards. 

Right to left: Yoogo Share Development Manager, Tracey Jay. Yoogo Share General Manager, Kirsten Corson. Waste Management National Manager Customer First, Marsha Cadman. Waste Management Sustainability Manager, Adam Weller.
Image Credit: Sustainable Business Network

650 people attended the black-tie NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards dinner in Auckland last Thursday night to find out which businesses were leading sustainability in the country. Yoogo Share was up against Waste Management NZ, Civic Contractors, Enviro NZ, Tranzit Group, Yoogo Share and Mevo for the Smarter Transport Award.


Meanwhile, taking out the supreme award, The City Rail Link, will also bring cleaner transport to NZ. 

The City Rail Link project has proven the infrastructure industry can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and its environmental impact while developing Auckland’s much-needed public transport infrastructure. This will result in an ongoing reduction in both congestion and carbon. 

A success factor behind being able to achieve CRL’s goal of zero waste to landfill has been supporting and educating the contractor companies and their employees to avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle and recover as much waste as practicable. CRL tracks against its projections all energy, water, materials, and waste that is generated on site.

Rachel Brown, CEO Sustainable Business Network, says: “New Zealand’s construction industry contributes 40 percent of the total waste going to landfill in Auckland and CRL has proven this doesn’t have to be the case.

There is usually a new category each year at these awards and this year it was Millennial on a Mission. The winner of this category is Olie Body whose extraordinarily witty and engaging organisation Wā Collective also won the Communicating for Change category and was a finalist for the Supreme Award. 

Using humour to break down barriers, Olie's reusable product has reduced waste going into landfills. NZ sends 357 million disposable menstrual products to landfill each year and they can take up to 500 years to decompose. 

Better NZ Trust has been both a past winner and a runnerup of the Communicating for Change category. We add our congratulations to Olie for her tremendous results this year and wish her well in what will undoubtedly be an exciting future.

Image Credit: Yoogo Share

Yoogo Share

Yoogo Share is a 100% electric car sharing service. It is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

Founded in Christchurch in February this year, it is now expanding to Auckland.

Yoogo targets three elements of smart mobility:

  1. reduced congestion
  2. reduced environmental impact
  3. improved utilisation of the NZ car fleet.

It has a fleet of 100 vehicles in Christchurch. All are 100% electric, comprising a mix of BMW i3s and Hyundai Ioniqs. There are 3,000 members, including both business and private users. Yoogo focuses on driver education and making its service easy to use, with a 24-hour support service. It has built its own charging infrastructure so cars are always fully charged for the next user. There are already 100 charging stations in easily accessible hubs in Christchurch.

In the first six months since launch, Yoogo saved 40 tonnes of carbon in Christchurch alone.

Kirsten Corson, General Manager of Yoogo Share, confirms that Yoogo Share has already seen members sell their second car, or selling their only car, to use the fleet of shared electric cars.

When Corson was asked about Lime Scooters she is very positive saying “Mobility is like a jigsaw puzzle, and its great to see a number of sustainable options available for Cantabrians. We are already seeing members jumping on a Lime Scooter to get to one of our hubs, going out for a couple of hours in a Yoogo Share car and Scootering home.”


Garry Taylor, Executive General Manager NZI, the Principal Partner of the Sustainable Business Network Awards, says, “A sustainable business takes into account environmental, social and economic factors to create a business model that endures the test of time.”


[Rachelle Tilsley - Better NZ Trust - 29 November 2018]


List of winners and runnersup:


Winner = City Rail Link
Finalist = Wā Collective
Finalist = Ethique

SUSTAINABILITY SUPERSTAR Sponsored by Enviro-Mark Solutions
Winner = Tracy Brown, DairyNZ
Commendation = Dave Maslen, NZ Merino Company

COMMUNICATING FOR CHANGE Sponsored by Cadence Communications
Winner = Wā Collective
Commendation = Countdown
Commendation = The Rubbish Trip

Winner = Kilmarnock Enterprises
Commendation = Sudima Hotels

PARTNERING FOR GOOD Sponsored by Alsco
Winner = Take My Hands

GOING CIRCULAR Sponsored by Auckland Council
Winner = Ethique
Commendation = NZAgbiz

Winner = City Rail Link
Commendation = Auckland District Health Board
Commendation = Fonterra Pahiatua

Winner = Yoogo Share
Commendation = Waste Management

Winner = emhTrade
Commendation = Red Stag Timber
Commendation = solarcity

TRANSFORMING FOOD Sponsored by Yealands Family Wines
Winner = Our Land of Milk and Honey
Commendation = Kai Ika

RESTORING NATURE Sponsored by Department of Conservation
Winner = Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari
Commendation = Tahi Commendation = Te Whangai Trust

MILLENNIAL ON A MISSION Sponsored by Ministry of Youth Development
Winner = Olie Body, Wā Collective
Commendation = Maddison McQueen-Davies, Share a Pair
Commendation = Olivia Philpott, Watercare S

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