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New podcast puts stories to the profiles

A new EV podcast, created by Martin Kane and Alex Shepherd is collecting stories from New Zealand Tesla owners and is aiming to add the human side to the Social Media profile pics.

The New Zealand All That's Tesla Podcast (www.allthatstesla.nz) already has the first seven episodes published including interviews with some long-time EV owners.  "The focus is purely on talking with Kiwi owners of any Tesla product, or on sharing information that is directly valuable to them in a New Zealand context," says Alex Shepherd who co-authors the Podcast.

"Episodes are released on a weekly or fortnightly basis depending on who has offered to share their story with us," says Kane.  He explains that the stories generally follow the same path, "...what led to the purchase, what the owners have found since ownership, what challenging things have happened" as well as finding out a little bit about the person and what they do.  "I didn't want to step on the toes of the (NZ) Electric Vehicle Podcast - we are specifically niche, and publish on the media sites that allow a Tesla Owner to listen to the podcast in their car, during a Monday morning commute."

In the next episode, released on Sunday, Martin interviews John Fitness who leads the (official) New Zealand Tesla Owners' Club and who recently drove the length of New Zealand, aiming to set a Guinness World Record for the fewest number of charging stops.  "I was really impressed to hear of the relationship that Tesla provides to owners through the Clubs, in such a different way from any other vehicle manufacturer.  It's something that some people find takes a little bit of getting used to," says Kane.

Both the co-authors are keen to interview owners, even in the time it takes for a quick supercharging stop in Timaru, or Hamilton.