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What are we going to do with all those batteries?

“What are we going to do with all those batteries?”

That’s a common question anti-EV and cleantech skeptics are always asking. In reality, it’s usually not a question they expect to get answered. They’re “asking” to “prove” that EVs, energy storage, and other cleantech using lithium batteries are actually bad for the environment. There’s just one problem with that tactic: It’s just not true.

A group of companies in Nevada just made some big investments that prove the skeptics wrong. LINICO Corporation* (“LiNiCo”), Comstock MiningGreen Li-ion, and Aqua Metals just made a series of investments to make sure a very compelling recycling technology actually gets put to use. To complete it all, LiNiCo recently closed a series A funding round with Comstock (NYSE: LODE) and Aqua Metals (NASDAQ: AQMS). LiNiCo also closed a $2M investment into Green Li-ion, giving it a 20% stake (making them the largest shareholder) with first right of refusal in any future equity funding round.

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