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Zero Emission Vehicle Factbook

The BNZT is a member of GEVA (Global EV Alliance) and has been given access to a BloombergNEF Factbook, the link to which is shown below.

The publication marks the launch of the Accelerating to Zero Coalition, which is a new partnership, designed to align activities and amplify messages to increase the group of leaders committed to the transition to zero-emission vehicles worldwide.
Its ZEV declaration demonstrates that governments, businesses, and organisations have committed to all new car and van sales being zero-emission globally by 2040 and by 2035 in leading markets.

This Factbook shows that, despite the global energy crisis, the zero-emission
vehicle transition has continued to accelerate since the ZEV declaration was
launched at COP26, and that the ZEV transition is key to permanently ending our
dependence on oil.