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EVs Demystified

Andy Bassett, A Leaf owner from Taranaki, has put together a great article to show all those supposed barriers to EV adoption are really more perception than reality!  But then most EV owners would know that - but sometimes a cogently written article is easier to point to, when you are in an EV discussion!  This is that article!

With many thanks to both Andy and Live magazine where this article was originally published late last year!

The reason Andy bought a Leaf was via the redoubtable Margaret Baker and her 2020 RoadTrip travelling companion Sheri O'Neill, Andy's singing partner who lives in Northland! At the RoadTrip Sunday breakfast meet, organised by Stephen Hobo-Tuck, Andy experienced an EV ride and the resulting chat! Convinced by that chat Andy bought his Leaf. 

In another '2 degrees of separation' moment the article was published by Live, which is published by Irena Brooks, Stephen's sister! Proving yet again, if proof were needed, that NZ is just a largish village!