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2023 Election Awareness Campaign

With the 2023 election now in the rearview mirror, the Trust wants to update the membership on how our ‘Don’t Pull the Plug’ campaign was received. 

We were delighted with how the campaign rolled out and the many conversations it generated - but despite gaining exposure for the Clean Car Discount and the Clean Car Standard, and the roles they currently play in moving the dial from fossil-fuelled transport to clean NZ-generated renewable electricity fuelled transport, it seems more than likely that the new National led coalition government will ditch the CCD and probably water down the CCS.

Many of you generously donated to this campaign, a first for the Trust, and this heartened us.

With that support, we were able to get our message in front of over a million voters online, run tens of digital billboards and hundreds of posters in key locations, and grab the attention of some senior politicians.

If you didn’t catch our ads during the campaign, here are just a few of the posters and billboards:

The BNZT has always advocated for electromobility in every form and will continue to push for more sustainable transport options. Anyone with an eye on the unfolding climate catastrophe knows it is unsustainable to continue to burn fossil fuels once in an internal combustion engine; without the ‘carrot’ of a discount for the purchase of an EV it is inevitable that the rate of uptake will slow dramatically.

We will continue our grass-roots advocacy as we have for the past 7 years, talking to potential EV owners every opportunity we find, and hope that readers of this blog will find opportunities to chat with friends, family and colleagues to get the EV message out! We hope we don’t have to tell you that this website has many aids to help bust EV myths, as it would appear that the fossil-fuel lobbyists are doing their best to cast FUD over the EV space at all turns; please do not let them win!