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New Website Hosting

For several years we have been using a complex hosting platform that was designed for large organisations running big campaigns like political parties and charities in the United States.

This decision was based on getting the site up and running quickly with all the functionality we thought we might need.

Times change, operating procedures solidify, and our needs become clear.

This year we decided to scale our web hosting to something more suitable to our needs and, more importantly, the budget. The trust is a volunteer organisation run on goodwill and donations. Our web developer, Sunny Side Up, who are responsible for the custom pages we built on that platform, came to the party and offered to host our new site on their content management platform.

Most of the content remains the same. Some information that is out of date has been removed, but you can still find a lot of things to help with your EV journey. 


As part of the conversion process, we trimmed out names we had collected from Twitter likes and such. We mainly wanted to keep users that we had an email address for and now store that information using, and will prepare newsletters with MailChimp. As an international company, MailChimp will adhere to all regulations regarding data privacy and security.

As you will have experienced, we do not send many newsletters. So don't worry about getting lots of mail all of a sudden. It is our intent to be quite judicious with the creation of mail.

About the time this post is published, we should have sent out an email with much the same content as this post. It will contain a link to Unsubscribe and Manage your preferences. Please take a moment to check what information we have on file and update it if necessary. [If by chance you do not receive this email, please feel free to click the Sign-up to Newsletter button on the right of this page to subscribe].