10% Growth July 2016


July saw a further 10% increase in EV registrations to 1663 and the biggest growth EVER in Used Electrics. Looking at listings on Trade Me, talking to dealers and hearing the numbers on the ships, 2000 by the end of September should be easily achievable.  International Drive Electric Week (10th to 18th September) should help further accelerate this growth.


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June 2016 Movie Tour

In June this year the Better NZ Trust facilitated a visit by EV advocate and industry advisor Chelsea Sexton to present at "The Future Is Electric" Electric Vehicle Symposium. The symposium was co-hosted by Greater Wellington Regional and Wellington City Councils with support from EECA, Carbridge, Wellington Electricity, NZ Transport Agency and the Ministry of Transport.


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Record Breaking Month June 2016


Encouraging figures just released this afternoon by the Ministry of Transport show 194 new EVs on NZ roads, albeit bolstered due to the registration of 90 Loyds Paxsters by NZ Post.

This is the highest number of EVs ever registered in a single month in New Zealand.

We have been travelling around New Zealand with Chelsea Sexton over the last 2 weeks and the news from importers is even more encouraging – Gazley Wellington, Autocourt Dunedin, Volt Vehicles Auckland, NZ Electric Vehicles Christchurch and GVI Auckland all reporting more sales to come and many vehicles on the way to NZ.

More details HERE

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Sudima Christchurch


The Sudima Hotel Group have consistently impressed us with what they have achieved. In 2014 the hotel Sudima Auckland Airport became the first hotel in New Zealand to attain carboNZero certification. In 2015, the Sudima Hotel Group as a whole, comprising five properties in New Zealand and Australia, further demonstrated its progressive credentials by becoming the country’s first accessible hotel group.

Now, in July 2016, the Sudima Christchurch airport adds to those achievements by opening a second J1772 electric vehicle charger and dedicating four premium car parks to electric vehicle charging. Once again, leading the way in Christchurch.

Chelsea Sexton was in Christchurch to officially open the chargers, as well as attend a special screening of “Who Killed the Electric Car”. She cut the ribbon with Martin Chan, Food and Beverage manager.

“Every new charger that opens is an important step in developing the infrastructure that New Zealand needs to help electric vehicle uptake” Chelsea said yesterday  “I was delighted to be in Christchurch for the opening of the second charger at the Sudima airport hotel and I understand that the hotel has more plans to develop and promote electric vehicles , which of course I thoroughly endorse “ she added.

We would also like to thank Ifti Hussain, manager of the Sudima Christchurch Airport and Riza Suryo Manager of Sudima Auckland for their ongoing support of The Trust.

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Spark-ling Crown EV Charging Infrastructure


There are around 3500 Spark phoneboxes in New Zealand. Any Kiwi in their 30’s or above, will remember these phone boxes from back in the day when they were Telecom Phone Card boxes.  In order to use them, you’d buy colourful and often quirky phone cards that allowed you to call home and ask mum if we could go over to our friend’s house when you were at the mall after school.  I felt proper grown up with my phone card in my pocket.

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Imagine, for a moment, being at the BEST event/camp you could think of. Surrounded by people that share your interests, intellect, and often sense of humour.

Steve and I standing with my FAVOURITE car from the show, which I found out later belongs to my new friend Brian Kent!


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Top to Toe Road Trip April 2016

2016-04-22_09.57.27-1.jpg 2016-04-06_06.57.32-1.jpg

On 6th April 2016, 6 cars met at Cape Reinga, to kick off the annual #leadingthecharge road trip.  The aim of the road trip was to talk to as many members of the public as possible as a way of promoting electric vehicle (EV) technology.


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The Better NZ Trust in Thames

Strat Peters, Sam Peters, Dee West, Steve West, Margaret Wood, Ken Wood, John Leenman

For those of you who aren’t aware, my name is Dee West, and I write most of the blogs you’ll see on the Trust Website.

I’ve lived in New Zealand for more than 20 years now, and I started my life here in Thames as an exchange student when I was 16 years old.

Thames is a beautiful, sleepy little gateway town that leads to the Coromandel peninsula.  Beach towns, firth towns, excellent food, an eclectic mix of people and communities, and a real sense of connection between local businesses and residents are just the start of what makes Thames a magical place.


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ChargeNet Z Skyway Opens


What can we possibly say about the amazing people at Z Energy!  They are wonderful on so many levels.

Gerri was the very first of a now huge list of people and companies that approached Steve West at Charge Net NZ, interested in bringing the energy future of Electric Vehicle ownership to the New Zealand public.

Z is an Energy company, not a petrol station, and they are working hard to bring a cleaner, brighter, and more socially resilient future to Kiwis.  We have huge respect for their community outreach program, and we have enjoyed working with the team in our capacities as Charge Net NZ and the Better NZ Trust.

Opening Z skyways with some of the team at Z, including the truly wonderful Judy Ryan, and Steve West and Chelsea Sexton was a huge honour and a major feather in both the Z and Charge Net NZ caps.  The Better NZ Trust wish both amazing companies well as the continue #LeadingTheCharge toward a better future for all of New Zealand.

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Sylvia Park


Sylvia Park and Kiwi Properties have been #LeadingTheCharge with their environmental initiatives for years.

Sylvia Park mall hosted the very first public charging station at any major shopping centre in the country!

Please take a moment to read through the amazing sustainability initiatives that the team at Kiwi Properties are championing here in New Zealand.

Unfortunately for our team/convoy, the stop at Sylvia park was flanked by the worst weather bomb we encountered on the entire road trip.  The rain came down and the wind howled, but it did not dampen the spirits of our dedicated team and trustees!

Here is a picture of the cars on the rainy afternoon on April 8th 2016.

Thank you to everyone who braved the wild weather to join us on the day!


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