Electric Vehicle Charging Sites around New Zealand

Whilst you will charge your EV at home most of the time, there may be occasions when you get caught short. Or, when planning a long trip, you want to know where you can fill up en route.

As of the end of March 2021, ChargeNet alone has installed 158 DC rapid charging stations in the North Island and a further 94 in the South Island .. plus there at least another 300+ AC charge points registered on Plugshare.  Plugshare is definitely the master list showing all charging destinations in NZ whomever has installed them.  Tesla have several Supercharger sites up and down the country, and many lines companies have installed chargers in their areas. 

If there is one thing you can say about NZ charging it is that there is plenty of choice. 


The Better NZ Trust has provided links below to the third party software "Plugshare", and the ChargeNet map.
The Better NZ Trust is not responsible for any of the listings on those websites,
and only provides these links for informational purposes. 
If you have an issue with any of the listings on Plugshare, please contact Plugshare.com as we do not administer that website.

The NZTA approved goal is to encourage the installation of a rapid charger every 75km along NZ's main State Highways so that even a low-range vehicle can travel inter-city. It has only taken four years to achieve. 

Now in 2021, providers appear to be installing more chargers to satisfy demand, to cover off-the-beaten-track tourist areas, and to create redundancy in high use areas.

This map shows information uploaded by users to plugshare.com.  You can see there are 500-odd public charging sites across New Zealand. The orange icons denote rapid DC chargers, which are ideal if you are just topping up or haven't got long to stop, whereas the green icons depict AC destination charging points. Destination chargers are slower charge points which in fact use the vehicle's onboard charger. They are ideal if your car will be parked for a longer length of time, such as in a parking building, shopping centre, or workplace.

If you click on the link and go to the plugshare.com site you can modify the search parameters to show only the charge sites you wish to see.

Plugshare offers a mobile phone app allowing you to find a location when you are on the move. It is available for Apple, Android and there is a separate app for Windows phones that uses the same information.

You can also visit charge.net.nz/map to find location information about their current and future fast charger units around New Zealand, or download the ChargeNet app to access their nationwide charging network on the go.


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  • Jack kevin
    commented 2018-02-14 20:00:58 +1300
    Most recent quick chargers incorporate one at New World Northwood grocery store, Christchurch, and two at Akaroa in organization with ChargeNet and the Orion lines organization. Data about auto models, range and execution is accessible on Orion’s site and for assignments http://www.assignmentstar.com
  • Kyle Scott
    commented 2017-11-24 12:54:55 +1300
    Alan use this site – http://jurassictest.ch/GR/ – it’ll show you distance and energy use for your car. Very handy :-)
  • Alan Knight
    commented 2017-11-15 15:29:05 +1300
    How Can I find out the km between different centres, say Between Dunedin and Waihola Motor Camp and between Beaumont and Roxburgh?
  • Jack Stinchcombe
    published this page in Info 2016-08-25 08:58:08 +1200