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Tax the Polluters

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Can New Zealand reach Norway's standard for electric vehicles? Norway has surpassed the rest of us - they have the largest electric vehicle (EV) ownership per capita in the world.

Bid for FE in NZ

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Start sequence, BMW i Berlin E-Prix 2017/18 - Credit: LAT/Formula E Electric dream: consortium still pushing to bring Formula E to Auckland A consortium including ASB Classic tennis tournament director Karl Budge…

NZer uses EV to power property during power cut.

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With a general power cut in Taupo recently, one EV owner and dealer, Steve Greenwood of Drive EV (www. driveev. co.

Alpine Opens Their Doors to EV Group

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We were unsure if EV Owners would be able to attend a Friday evening visit to Alpine Energy, but in the end but a good number of owners arrived, including three new…

Model X Visits Schools

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EV Champion of the Year, Martin Kane, created an opportunity recently to visit two schools with a Tesla Model X.

EVS31 - An Overview

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  New Zealand Waves The Flag at International EV Symposium EVS31 is an annual trade show for electric vehicles and arguably the most influential EV Exhibition in the world.

EVs Travelling Further Than Fuel Vehicles

EVs travelling father than petrol v2

Electric vehicles are being driven further on average than their gas-guzzling counterparts, a new survey shows.

Recipe for Reducing Traffic Pollution

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During the recent 2018 International Drive Electric Week, I was lucky enough to test out the smooth drive of a brand new Yoogo Share BMW i3.

$150 to Drive Right Around Australia

sylvia wilson in bluey v2

Sylvia Wilson drove around Australia in an electric car. It cost her $150. 90.

EV Gather in Whangarei for IDEW2018

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Oscar Boyd,10 thinks EV's are good for the environment and the future of cars.

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