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Electric SUV Mummies-car Slays Ferrari Supercar in Unofficial Race

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A 16-month-old thrashed family 7-seater has thoroughly beaten a racing car off the start line at the Highlands Motorsport track.

Yoogo Share IDEW Special Deal

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If you'll be in either CHRISTCHURCH or AUCKLAND during IDEW: Don't Miss This! Better NZ Trust has discovered that Yoogo Share are offering a super discounted IDEW rate.

Introducing Our Newest Champions


  What is a #LeadingTheCharge Champion The EV community in NZ is a passionate collection of people who want to share their EV enthusiasm with the rest of the world.

Evolocity Electric Wheels Festival Coming to Hamilton

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  Don't miss Hamilton's first-ever electrically charged Festival – celebrating the acceleration into our lives of E-vehicles! Held in partnership with the Waikato Engineering Careers Association and Waikato EV Owners, the EVolocity…

Cash carrots needed to wean drivers off petrol

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More than three-quarters of owners who took part in a new "Flip the Fleet" poll believed cash incentives would be needed if more than half of new vehicle registrations were…

Electric Weekender — “How big a deal is range anxiety?”

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At exactly 197 km from Christchurch and a 100 m steep ascent from the nearest fast charger, Maruia was going to be a challenging test of range for an electric…

Opel Joins Race to Electrify

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This week, Opel has revealed its concept car and renewed their intention to release four BEV/PHEV by 2020 and an ambitious complete electrification of its lineup by 2024.

Steve and Dee West Outstanding Contributors

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STEVE AND DEE WEST ARE OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTORS AT EV WORLD NZ 2018 Two of the founders of the Better NZ Trust, Steve and Dee West, were recognised at EV World 2018 for the…

Barriers to EV Uptake in NZ

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Driving Collaboration and Overcoming the Barriers for EV Adoption   Panel Members: David Vincent, Ken Shirley, Gavin Young, Oz Jabur, Steve West One of the most relevant topics for the Better NZ Trust’s…

Tesla plans to open source it's vehicle security software

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Tesla plans to open-source its vehicle security software for free to other automakers for safer self-driving future With the upcoming rise of self-driving and more connected vehicles come an increased risk…

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