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2019 Global Top 20

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There were some 279,000 registrations in the last month of 2019, that represented the third best month ever, and despite a 4% drop YoY, it wasn't as bad as previously…

Lexus' Misleading Self-Charging Hybrid Ads

Norway Puts Its Foot Down On Lexus' Misleading 'Self-Charging' Hybrid Ads: 'This is a Pure Lie' Norway’s Consumer Authority has put its foot down on Toyota’s ads for the Lexus NX, deeming the…

How you can contribute to a Better NZ

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It's unfortunate, but we can't buy our way to sustainability with a cupboard full of pretty "eco" things.

China Flunking NEV Sales as Year End Looms

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The steep decline in China's NEV sales continues and it is accelerating. Preliminary results for October indicate 48% fewer deliveries than in October 2018; even October 2017 was higher.

New Kiwi Driver FE Street Racing

[post by Rachelle Tilsley - 29 Sept 2019] ABB FIA Formula E Championship 6th Season Following hot on the heels of last Thursday's announcement that Panasonic Jaguar has renewed Mitch Evans' contract…

What's Happening in International Markets?

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[[article by JoséPontes EV-Sales - tracking world EV trends - 23 September 2019] Two emerging European markets for EV are bucking the general trends: Romania and Portugal.

Hamilton Electric Vehicles Charges Along

[Article first published in EVTALK, September 2019, www. evtalk. co.

Road Testing the 2019 LEAF

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A Best Buy for a BEV with a Big Asterisk It’s been a long road for the Nissan Leaf.

Racing Towards A Cleaner Future

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WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 5 JUNE 2019 In a world plagued with deadly levels of air pollution, the ABB FIA Formula E Championship is more than just an inner-city street racing series.…

And We Go Green

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The inside story of Formula E  - Friendly on the planet, fierce on the track   Premieres at Cannes Film Festival at 18:45 on Thursday, May 23 at the Salle 60eme.

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